Historically, women’s circles have been an important and sacred part of females lives. In an age of digital disconnection, Connected Sisters aims to reconnect women with the power of our circle online; a place where females are safe to express their true experiences and every voice holds equal importance. Great wisdom is shared through the ancient art of storytelling and every woman has a story inside of them that we can relate to and draw comfort or inspiration from.

Welcome to Connected Sisters,

Over the past decade we have successfully run our PR Agency – Connected PR; during this time we have been blessed with a rich palate of global clients and a diversity of experience, we travelled, often to multiple countries per work, had expense accounts and got to know global design hotels whilst hanging out with an “it crowd”.

Nothing to complain about, right?

We were dutifully being “successful”, earning well, spending well, celebrating how busy we were and then little by little we began to question our life’s purpose and truth and started to embark on an inner journey.

We felt uneasy working with “profit at any cost” companies and as our focus shifted, so did the clients we attracted; we now only work with clients we truly believe in. We went deeper into our spiritual practice and sought to understand what really makes us happy. Having both transitioned into working mothers our working time became more focused as did our desire to create something that would help other women.

And thus Connected Sisters was born, in an era where information is no longer power, everyone has access to all information, all of the time – what we need now is wisdom, love and compassion. So we are inviting women to tell their stories and share their wisdom with their sisters all over the world. The media we consume is often set to a male agenda, setting false expectations for the female experience, focusing on all of the things that are “wrong” with us and trying to sell us products to achieve the non-achievable perfection. We challenge this and through Connected Sisters are telling the truth about the female experience, one story at a time.

Connected Sisters is a safe digital space for truth, a virtual women’s circle where we can learn and grow and support one another. Everyday we will be posting one sisters story we hope you find them as enriching to read as we did to listen to.

Peace, Love and Light

Jodie and Paris