I came to Glastonbury for the first time in 2002 and I noticed a very unconditional accepting energy. I felt more free, accepted, like a homecoming – it was beautiful. People were very friendly and nice. The whole energy was something I hadn’t encountered before.

I knew my spiritual soul side was really important to me and I could see how underdeveloped that had been. I started to do more writing and singing and created my own songs based on the Celtic wheel. I also did a witches course.

I learnt more about nature and nature’s energy, how to work with the moon, ceremony and how to work with the earth. Every season has a different energy and how to tune into it; this information came so naturally to me. We are natural beings, and if we lose our connection with the earth, we will become soulless and try and fill that hole with all sorts of stuff; extreme shopping, addiction, mental health or health issues.

This major breakthrough propelled me into exploring a more feminine side of myself; the nurturing, caring, unconditional love side of myself and I felt I was growing softer as a person.

After a few years, I wanted to move to Glastonbury but was a single mum with two kids who were at the age where they didn’t want to move, so I stayed in Holland working as a human resources consultant. At a certain point this wasn’t working for me anymore and I didn’t get new contracts because deep down I didn’t want to be working corporations anymore.

In 2012, I felt that there was nothing except my kids holding me in Amsterdam and I decided to move to Glastonbury. I called a medium that I knew in the UK to see if my feelings were right and she said I should have been there 2 years ago. It was a difficult decision, my daughter had already moved out and my son was 17 but he had his own life and it was good for him to now live and spend time with his dad.

I sold everything that I had and with one car full I drove to the UK and started a new life there. It wasn’t easy, I had to build up something to get an income. In the first couple of months I was trying to sell everything I still owned just to make things happen and pay my rent.

In September, I was visiting Holland and I had a panic attack; I didn’t have any money, nothing was coming in and felt I couldn’t go back to the UK. Suddenly this voice in me said, you don’t have money but you have you and things shifted. The phone rang and I was offered a job at the Holistic retreat centre in Glastonbury. Then things started really happening.

I have built up a sacred tour guide company with a friend, I am a Celtic earth princess and teacher and I am a jazz and blues singer. I am now doing everything from the heart; all of the things I love to do. I host on Airbnb and meet many women on the path of discovery who have low confidence to make the change. I try to empower them and help them make the change to do the things they would like to do in their life and live more heart centred instead of head centred.