A woman was raped in the CENTRE of my town and now we are told:

“we should have a buddy system”
“we should carry mace”
“we shouldn’t walk alone at night”
“we should take Uber next time”
“we should dress differently”

I have had it with these comments I am seeing on social media. This is my town as much as anyone. I will be able to walk four blocks to a bar without even considering myself in danger. It is not only about finding and punishing this one guy; it is about changing the global culture to not include a vagina as a commodity. I am not giving into fear. I have gone so far as to suggest vigilantism because I want to strike fear into men as the penal system clearly does not seem a very strong deterrent. The crass messages from strangers and ‘friends’ alike, the comments at parties and bars and businesses, the lurker eyeballs at the DMV. These are the challenges that women deal with every single day. It’s ridiculous, repulsive and quite frankly, blatantly random.

Just two Wednesdays ago at my favourite local club, TWO different men touched me at separate times and places. And I am so pathetically well-trained, I have a snarky face and a wisecrack and went on my way. I didn’t want to cause a stir at my favourite bar on a popular night, especially since it was not my regular crowd of familiars. We are programmed by the patriarchy and our dear mothers and aunts and grandmothers to curtsy out and suck it up.

Now that I am not in a marriage and travel my little route on this earth solo more often, I am experiencing a boldness that either I had mistaken for flirtation when I was younger (attention) or has actually gotten somehow subversively worse in this time of political correctness. Much like racism, pushed underground as shameful, it MAY bubble up and bite harder.

I simply wish that the obvious truth of Shiva & Shakti could be acknowledged and then embodied. It is so obvious…yin yang. We are ALL way beyond this level of engagement. Rape and dick pics? Really? Sisters we MUST speak up at every cost on every occasion. I am not anti-man…anyone can tell you that. But I am anti Neanderthal. That age has gone!