As a child, I loved drawing women’s characters inspired by my mother’s journals. I always dreamt I would become a fashion designer one day, but this isn’t what happened. Instead I started attending various drawing and painting courses.
I was aware that I wanted to create and had been looking for my own way for a long time, but there wasn’t one particular moment that made me suddenly interested in art.

I stopped my artistic activity for a while and then returned to it after a few years with a certainty that I wanted to paint. Painting was intended for me, I guess, and it is impossible to escape the destination. This calling has changed my life a lot. It seems that painting is a light and easy task, however, to be able to grow in any field, you need hard work. Creating is huge fun, but there are days when it does not come so easily. I often have to restrict hours at the easel to find time for my family.

The female body is extremely vivid, painterly – it is actually a ready subject in the picture. Regardless of whether it is treated more realistically, or like in my last paintings – rather abstractly, it is always surrounded by an elusive aura of sensuality and mystery. That’s why works of such distant artists as Modigliani, Klimt or Nowosielski seem so charming to me.

I don’t plan far for my future in any specific way, because the future does not belong to us. I think that the most important thing is to develop, as an artist and, perhaps above all, as a human. I do not know what direction I will go in. Each new painting is a discovery for me, a different view on the world and myself.