I haven’t quit acting, I quit chasing. When it wants me, when it’s ready to honour my time, my purpose, my gifts and my worth, it will make me an offer I cannot refuse.

Once you know your worth, once you know your purpose, it’s easy to say no to things that no longer honour who you’ve become and recognise the hurdles you have overcome to become who you are. I was spending 20 hours a week acting for free in auditions, instead of allowing the work to come to me.

I created a platform, my website, which houses my reel, my press kit, my Ted Talk and people can learn about my work from it. Once I did this and shifted my mentality, the biggest and easiest things entered my life; the biggest guest star role I’ve ever had was offered to me via email, no audition, no begging.

I have learnt not to make my life about chasing things that don’t recognise the breadth and scope that I am. This was a conscious releasing of struggle to make room for abundance and in doing so, I have given people the space to see the special parts of me. By no longer chasing men or jobs, the real winners have stepped up to really see the true me.