Being a part of female Facebook groups empowered me to become a remote worker.
I have always hated the idea of having a normal job and told my mum I would never work in a corporate business. She laughed because that’s just what you are supposed to do. After graduating from my business degree, I was talking to my professors and some friends who already work in business, and they told me I would have to wait 9 months to even get a corporate position as the city was flooded with college graduates.

I couldn’t move city as my husband works in construction and after 3 months of looking for a job, I decided to start freelancing and I found some groups on Facebook, joined them, started learning from them and getting clients. After a few months, I was making enough to stop my job search and focus on freelancing. Obviously I have made some trade-offs; I would be earning more in a corporate job, but at the same time they would be controlling my hours, holidays, sick days, everything – I might be paid less but I control my life!

I have developed my business and skills to include content creation both writing and digital, social media management and executive coaching.

The flexibility of my work has led us to now move overseas for 2 years and spend time travelling and working. We will spend a year in Ireland and then backpack around Europe and then head to New Zealand and Australia. We will see what happens after that and figure travel time is now or never. I am really thankful for technology that has allowed me to travel and work at the same time as we would never be able to afford it otherwise.

I would tell other graduates to do exactly what you love. I was told I wouldn’t be able to have my own business – don’t listen! Of course it’s never going to be easy but if you really want it, there is a way to do it!