It was never easy being a young mom. Raising a family and raising a career. But there is something so magical about us women, something so strong, fierce and powerful!

I gave birth to my second son when I was 22 years young. I raised him and his brother while raising my career and myself and my husband at the time.  In 2006, when I was  28 years young, I had my baby girl. When she was 6 weeks old, I remember rushing home from shooting a TV show to give her the milk from my swollen breast. She was a newborn and it was never easy leaving her. My entire 20’s was spent raising children, a celebrity hair artist career, while managing a household and husband and growing up myself.

Yes we do hold up the world, but when we forget who we are, we need to go into our archives to remember where we’ve come from and gone through. This reflection gives us the strength to lead and conquer and to not just raise our families but to raise nations. Women, sisters, mothers, elders, I salute you!  Because I am you…and you are me.

After I left my husband, I moved into my new home that I purchased. When the renovations were completed, I was filled with excitement as this was my biggest accomplishment yet…besides giving birth to three amazing children that is.

This accomplishment comes with a story of self-worth and focus and determination and smiling at the ones who constantly shook their heads at me stating that I was all over the place….I often heard the whispers such as “why did she leave her children’s father”, “she’s stupid”, “how is she gonna make it?”, “she needs to just stay there where it’s easy for her.”

Well I choose the uncomfortable way. The way that would help me to soar, to grow. The way that I only know; to unapologetically be free.

Never let the chatter of people who know nothing about your life make you feel bad. People love to talk BS and be in the matters of others. F them and I mean it…with a big ass smile and all!