One morning, a few months ago I woke up and looking at myself in the mirror, I said: “I want a flower in my hair.” That may seem like a normal thing, but not if you have alopecia.
Yes, I have had alopecia since I was a child; it is my life partner. But I do not want to talk about alopecia

Everybody who has chronic diseases knows the difficulty in accepting his state, to go further, to love himself anyway. I want to talk about my flower. A flower that can turn an illness into something beautiful, alive, healthy, incredibly cool.

And since my desire was strong, the law of attraction was set in motion and through a series of wonderful friends, I met Gilberta. When I wrote to her she immediately got excited because she had never tattooed a “head”. When we saw each other we both got excited because we understood that we would do something really beautiful together. Gil is a great professional and has studied for me, to give me something special and when she presented me with the final project I was moved; not just something that could give value to my sick part, but something that was a symbol of my inner rebirth, of my no longer wanting to hide, of my desire to shine as a human being.

Helleborus, is a genus of flower belonging to the family of Ranuncolacee, native the Caucasus and Asia minor area. Also called Winter’s Rose. In the popular tradition it has a meaning: free from the pains. For me it represents my journey of transformation towards an ever greater awareness thanks to spiritual practices, to enlightening books, to people who have guided me with enthusiasm and inspired me in an enthusiastic way. Finally a flower has sprung up – thanks to alopecia!