I was little; When I was 4 or 5, I remember going into the garden to play and talking to lots of people, my dad took photographs of me with light coming off of my hands.

Recently we were in our friends’ kitchen and had just had lunch, we were about to say goodbye and I saw a man outside the window with a flat cap on and smiling. He told me my friend who has had a pacemaker fitted, is going to be Ok and he has come to look after the chickens, and then he disappeared. When I have these full apparitions, I experience “quickening”, my heart beats very fast and I feel great love. My friends told me it was a neighbour who died three months ago, he always wore a flat cap and had a farm before; the next day my friend went to the hospital for his check-up and he was fine.

It’s challenging living in truth and being honest all the time, I can pick up if people are lying or doing something wrong – so dating is an absolute nightmare! I see a man’s potential and might switch my higher-self off and play the “girly girl”. Guys don’t like women to be in truth, so I am single, sleep in the middle of the bed and have the remote control to myself. It’s quite isolating but I rescue greyhounds, they are powerful, enigmatic souls.

I always tell people to believe in themselves and listen to every inkling they have.