I haven’t had a drink in almost 4 months. This is huge considering I would have a bottle or 2 of cabernet before bed or even vodka for lunch. All to numb the pain of me being me and me being someone I hated to be around and me being stuck in an overweight body. I’d always make jokes about being the fat girl before anyone else could make a comment… seemed to work. Seemed to make people laugh. Then I shifted the joke into me always being the mom with a glass of wine. “This is mom juice” “You all are making me drink!” But really. Nothing was funny. I was slowly killing myself. I never just drank a glass of wine. I had no limit and I had no shame.

I was so sick. My body was sick and my mind was even worse. Look at my face in my before picture. That says it all. The before pictures are so hard to look at, but I have to share them. I have to show people that there is hope. There is healing. There is a way back to being you!

The first picture was taken on December 10, 2018. The second was taken on April 15, 2019. Now my body has shrunk drastically… but my mind. My inner thoughts. My self-image. Those have changed even more… I am no longer a prisoner of that monster on the left. I am no longer unhappy with who I am and I am back to living the life I have always longed for but never thought possible. 44 pounds gone so far and I’m not stopping there:

I am sleeping through the night

I am running around the park with my kids again

I had to choose change, choose joy and prioritise my health every single day. This program I went on to lose weight literally saved my life.

If you need to make a positive change for your health, what are you waiting for? Why are you still sitting on the side-lines of your own life and watching it pass you by? Get up. Take back your life. It is never too late and you are always worth it. Make a change. Prove yourself wrong. I know I sure did. I had to. And I will never ever let myself stand in the way of anything I want ever again.