It’s been 162 days…162 and I still feel it as if it was yesterday.

162 days ago, my friend and I escaped an attempted kidnapping in Panama. I suffered a mild stroke in the process, but with the help of some good Samaritans, we made it to a clinic and later to the hospital. I don’t talk about it much, saying it’s all in the past, but that’s not true. After multiple doctor, therapist, psychologist and psychiatrist visits, I am working through it. I have all the effects of PTSD, with the exception of night terrors – my friend has those.

Yet, travel is my passion – cultural tourism fuels me, and at 46, I enjoy traveling solo. Hence, as I write this down, I’m waiting to board the plane. I am travelling solo to Ireland to celebrate moving on and leaving the past behind.

It’s been 162 days since that incident, but 10 hours and 47 minutes to arriving in Dublin. And today, I choose to focus on that.