Martin and I met each other when I was about 15, we spent one summer hanging around together; me and my friends and him with his. I always quite liked him, but he didn’t take much notice. We all went off in separate ways and that was it; I didn’t see him until 20 years later when I saw his face come up on Facebook. I sent him a friend request saying, ‘remember me?’ We started messaging each other and we were chatting every night for hours. This went on for a few weeks, then he said, ‘would it be the same if we met up in person’. We went on our first date and within 12 weeks we had moved in together! He was a single dad and I was a single mum, our kids got on and it all just came together. We’ve got a bubble around us, it’s like no matter what else is going on in the world there is a connection between us and nobody can get into it, it’s just for us. In the twenty years we had apart we never saw each other but we have since found out that we were living about 4 or 5 miles apart and we would have been driving past each other every day on our way to work. We were on the outskirts of each other the whole time, but we just didn’t know it. It’s like we have always been together, we’d never had this before. Everything just slotted in. There was no silliness, it’s calm and we don’t really argue. We talk and when we have to, we agree to disagree. We don’t invite drama and when drama is going on around us it doesn’t affect the calmness of our relationship. When we got married it was like someone else drew the bubble around us so that everyone else could see what we have been feeling. I am lucky.