Steff and Amy

“Between the age of 24 to 30 I nannied for a family. The mother and father of the children both Consultant Obstetrician Gynaecologists.

Being in a same sex marriage my wife and I eventually wanted to conceive a child. By this time I wasn’t working for the family but still very much in touch with them as I considered them as good as family, as they do myself and my wife. I immediately spoke to ‘Chloe’ (mum) and we got the ball rolling with our IVF journey.

Chloe had us both come in and discuss our options. My wife and I had already chosen our known donor so it was a matter of time until we just got things started. We decided to try IUI as opposed to IVF, a less invasive and more affordable option with a lower chance of conception. We did this twice with two failed rounds then decided go to IVF. All of my scans and 90% of all that we/I went through was overseen by Chloe. (Yes, my former boss has seen my fanny multiple times.) Slightly awkward at first but as anyone knows who has had IUI/IVF, being shy soon goes out of the window.

Our first round of IVF was a success and when that line showed up on the magic stick everything became real.
I had a fantastic pregnancy and had amazing support from my wife. I felt the most wonderful hard lump under my right rib cage for most of the pregnancy, which turned out to be a head. Yes my baby had got into the breach position and had been quite comfortable there for many weeks.

A scan revealed this roughly 6 weeks before my due date. So I was to have a planned cesarean one week before my due date. I took this on the chin and turned it into a positive. Again with fantastic support from my wife I felt totally relaxed. I asked the father of the children I used to nanny, ‘Tim’, for how he’d feel about doing the c-section, to which he said ‘I’ll see what I can sort out’. He booked me in eight days before my due date and delivered our beautiful boy early in the morning. (Yes, he has seen my fanny too.) Definitely the last thing on my mind whilst lying there numb from my breasts down to my toes and about to meet that little baby for the first time! Doctor ‘Tim’ held our baby boy and as he did at my wife’s and my wedding, welled up with tears.

So to wrap it up. ‘Chloe’ got me pregnant and ‘Tim’ delivered the baby. Thank goodness I went for that nannying job all those years ago! My heroes. They are going to be the best Godparents.”

Thank you to Steff and Amy for sharing their lovely story for International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia – the Global page#IDAHOT #IDAHOT2019 #May17